Live Chat Integration

$5.00 per month

Conversation Continuity via Email
Emoji Support
Attachment Support
Automated Responses
Analytics and Reporting
Integrations (WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.)
Mobile App + Push Notifications

Live Chat

Enables instant conversations between website visitors and support teams with an embeddable chat widget that’s adaptable to website design.

Mobile App

Manage conversations on the go and talk to your customers easily. Receive realtime notifications when a new chat is started. Stay connected with your customers, manage conversations, and deliver real-time assistance anytime, anywhere.

Attachment and Emoji Support

Inbuilt emoji support, including standard Unicode emojis as well as custom emojis. Attachment sharing is also included, encompassing various file types such as images, documents, and other types of media.

Typing Indicators

Real-time cues that show when someone is typing in a chat conversation. Enhances communication by letting users know when a response is on its way, fostering a more engaging and responsive chat experience.

Conversation Continuity via Email

Your customers can continue their chat conversations with yourself or your agents via email threads enabling consistent and uninterrupted dialogue.

Team Collaboration

Share access to conversations, notes, and assignments amongst members of a team.

Chatbots and Automated Responses

Implement chatbots to provide instant responses, gather initial information, and route queries to the appropriate team members.

Set up predefined responses and automated workflows to handle routine inquiries and save time.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and reporting features provide comprehensive insights into your website visitor interactions. Track metrics such as response times, conversation volumes, agent performance, and customer satisfaction ratings.

Integration and Connectivity

Connect with other services natively, including popular platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.


Native support for over 25 different languages facilitating global outreach and engagement for diverse audiences.

Live Chat can be included as an addon when purchasing any Web Hosting or Managed Hosting service.