$10.00 per TB per month

File Sync & Share
File Versioning & Recovery
Calendar & Contacts
Security & Encryption
External Storage Integration
App Ecosystem
Multiplatform Clients

File Sync and Share

Seamlessly synchronise files across devices and share them with others, ensuring accessibility and collaboration.

File Versioning and Recovery

Keep track of changes with versioning, allowing easy recovery to previous file versions.

Calendar and Contacts

Manage calendars, tasks, and contacts in a secure environment, ensuring efficient organisation and scheduling.

Security and Encryption

Nextcloud prioritises security, offering robust encryption measures, two-factor authentication, and extensive access control options.

External Storage Integration

Integrate with various external storage services, enabling seamless access to files stored across different platforms.

External storage methods/providers include:

App Ecosystem

Extend functionality with a wide range of apps and integrations available through the Nextcloud app store.

Multiplatform Clients

To interact with Nextcloud, you can download and install Nextcloud client software on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

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